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In this paper, a broadband CMOS differential LNA for DC∼2 GHz software defined radio is proposed. The channel thermal noise and the flicker noise of input MOSFET is canceled by exploiting a noise-canceling technique. A lower noise figure and an excellent wide-band input matching can be achieved at the same time. Moreover, the distortions introduced(More)
Organizing images into (semantically) meaningful categories using low-level visual features is a challenging and important problem in content-based image retrieval. Much machine learning methods has been done on automatic semantic image classification. In this paper, we propose a novel approach for semantic classification of images based on weighted feature(More)
In this paper, the resonant frequency and sensitivity characteristics of Hilbert curve fractal antennas is presented. Several fractal-shaped Hilbert monopoles have been constructed, based on theoretical calculation, EM simulation and measurement. The formulation on resonant frequency of the Hilbert antennas is derived and verified. Experimental results show(More)
Low power, short-range ISM band transceivers have become extremely important in enabling new applications and have become highly successful commercially. New energy harvesting methodologies will open further applications but demand lower power and supply voltages than currently available chipsets can provide. For example, on-chip solar cells allow only a(More)
Edwardsiella tarda the etiological agent for edwardsiellosis, a devastating fish disease prevailing in worldwide aquaculture industries was subjected to a molecular genetic study. To research into the influence when RpoN (σ(54) ) and RpoS (σ(38) ) were deleted simultaneously, the double deletion mutant of RpoN (σ(54) ) and RpoS (σ(38) ), namely rnrs, was(More)
This work proposes a new time-domain integration method to realize Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS). Unlike traditional EIS systems which use a quadrature sinusoid stimulus, we propose a low-frequency, lowamplitude sinusoid stimulus, which is realized through a sinusoid DAC without the need for analog filter. The error caused by harmonic(More)
A novel low-loss image-reject mixer (IRM) using the source follower isolation method for digital radio mondiale/digital audio broadcasting applications is presented. It is based on double-quadrature mixers (DQMs) and passive polyphase filters (PPFs). The DQM is designed with four passive CMOS mixers. A source follower is inserted between the RF PPF and DQM(More)
In this paper, a Q-band common source low noise amplifier (LNA) using 90-nm standard RF-CMOS technology is proposed. The design methodologies for millimeter-wave (MMW) amplifiers are discussed. The post layout simulation results show that S<inf>11</inf> is lower than &#x2212;14 dB and S<inf>22</inf> is &#x2212;11 dB at the peak gain of 14.6 dB at 37.5 GHz(More)
the paper presents the design of a high-speed wideband low phase noise 2:1 frequency divider. A new differential D-latch topology for the divider is presented. Theoretical analysis and an optimization process for the design are given and various phenomena that dominate the speed, the bandwidth and the phase noise behavior of the frequency dividers are(More)