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Team is a group of people who share the common object. However, in the dynamically changing situation, the existing members may be excluded, and new members may be included. This change is one of the most critical problems, which cause the failure of the team. In this paper, we propose a way of maintaining team in spite of the member’s modification. In(More)
Functionality and availability are one of the main characteristics of internet and hence very inviting for attackers to try to provoke a denial-of-service attack. As the intensity and frequency of DDoS attacks has increased, various preventive mechanisms have also been proposed. One of the most effective defence mechanisms proposed was Path Identification(More)
Even if the concentration is one of the most important factors for generating the quality time in class, it is hard to maintain the concentration. Especially in e-Learning circumstance, it is much harder. In this paper, a method of maintaining learner's concentration using the scenario based dynamic content management system is proposed. Dynamic Content(More)
Context is a key factor for providing intelligent service in ubiquitous computing environment. The usefulness of context is based on its correctness. As the context plays a crucial role in service performance, it is necessary to guarantee the reliability of context. But, it is almost impossible to scan the full aspects of the environment for the limited(More)
One of the most important tasks in Human resource management is to find a suitable human for the given position. It is a difficult task because for human beings what they can do well is not always what they want to do and even if they have capability of fulfilling the requested task, the relationship among the team members can prevent them from being the(More)
In mobile cloud computing environment, the cooperation of distributed computing objects is one of the most important requirements for providing successful cloud services. To satisfy this requirement, all the members, who are employed in the cooperation group, need to share the knowledge for mutual understanding. Even if ontology can be the right tool for(More)
The ability of recognizing the environment is one of the most important functions that the ubiquitous computing system should have. With the recognition of the environment, the system can execute intelligent behaviors such as runtime configuration and semantic based process branch. This recognition can be used as context for system???s decision making. And(More)