Keon Chang Lee

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We introduce the concept of an interval-valued fuzzy generalized bi-ideal of a semigroup, which is an extension of the concept of an interval-valued fuzzy bi-ideal (and of a noninterval-valued fuzzy bi-ideal and a noninterval-valued fuzzy ideal of a semi-group), and characterize regular semigroups, and both intraregular and left quasiregular semigroup in(More)
Many ac quantized Hall resistance experiments have measured significant values of ac longitudinal resistances under temperature and magnetic field conditions in which the dc longitudinal resistance values were negligible. We investigate the effect of non-vanishing ac longitudinal resistances on measurements of the quantized Hall resistances by analyzing(More)
—Step-by-step procedures for designing a third order bandpass filter and a sixth order bandpass filter using a triple-mode resonator are described in this paper. The triple-mode resonator is a square open-loop resonator with an open circuited stepped-impedance stub and a grounding via located at the symmetrical plane of the resonator. The equations for(More)
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