Kenzo Sakurai

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Frequency calibration of a 1.3-microm diode laser spectrometer was carried out with a simultaneously recording spectrum of the iodine molecule in the visible region using internal second harmonics from the diode laser itself. An absolute accuracy of 0.002 cm(-1) was achieved with the frequency standard spectrum of the iodine molecule in the visible region(More)
Flash presentation of a circle alternating with its inward gradation pattern induces an illusory shape distortion: the circle appears as a polygon (e.g. hexagon) in a short period (Sakurai, 2014 VSS, ECVP). We investigated whether this shape distortion illusion occurs before or after binocular combination in the visual pathway by measuring the induction(More)
Two methods for recording a hologram plate suitable for information search are discussed: consecutive recording of individual items on the same area of a hologram plate and parallel recording of individual identifiers on individual areas of a hologram plate. To increase the number of items to process, the use of a rotating drum is proposed, and experimental(More)
Vestibular-somatosensory interactions are pervasive in the brain but it remains unclear why. Here we explore the contribution of tactile flow to processing self-motion. We assessed two aspects of self-motion: timing and speed. Participants sat on an oscillating swing and either kept their hands on their laps or rested them lightly on an earth-stationary(More)
We have developed a new technique for shifting the frequency of a TEA CO(2) laser that utilizes a Pockels cell in the main cavity and an acousto-optic frequency shifter in the subcavity. The amount of frequency shift was controllable by the gate pulse width of the Pockels cell. The maximum shift from the line center achieved was 1.4 GHz at the 10P(20) line,(More)
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