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Recently, energy consumption of routers has become a serious problem, hence power reduction is an urgent and important challenge. Existing routers always work 100% of their potentials regardless of required performance, such as volume of input traffic. However, semiconductor devices such as lookup logics, buffers, fabrics are not always fully utilized. In(More)
Packet classification has become increasingly complex and important to network equipment intended for future use. A recent trend to achieve complex packet classification is to use software-based methods, which tend to be slower than hardware-based methods. For search, this typically means using ternary content-addressable memory (TCAM) to make(More)
MUNAP (MUlti-NAnoProgram machine) is a two-level microprogrammed multiprocessor computer designed and developed at a university as a research vehicle. This paper describes the experiences with the implementation of MUNAP. We start with a brief overview of the machine. We then describe the system organization both on hardware and support software. The(More)
Since bytecodes in Smalltalk-80 are designed for stack machines, stack operations occupy half the total operations so that it is difficult to find low-level parallelism. To perform fast processing with low-level parallelism, we not only designed high-level intermediate codes (Icodes) which correspond to message passings on a one-to-one basis, but also(More)