Kenzi Hori

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The effects of axial ligands on the ground-state geometries, electronic structures and the characteristic optical properties of iron phthalocyanine and its derivatives, FePc and FePcL(n) (L =(More)
The S(N)i mechanism, which was previously proposed for the isomerization of 1-acylaziridines to the oxazolines, was reexamined theoretically by performing molecular orbital (MO) calculations of(More)
Cholesterol-armed cyclens worked as octadentate receptors for Na+, Ca2+, and Y3+ complexes in which four chiral cholesterol-functionalized sidearms were bundled and asymmetrically twisted above(More)
A recent paper by Lui et al. [Z. Liu, X. Zhang, Y. Zhang, J. Jiang, Spectrochim. Acta A 67 (2007) 1232] reported on the theoretical investigations of the fully optimized geometries and electronic(More)
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