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This paper reports a cooking support system for persons with higher brain dysfunction. When a human injured its brain, various brain functions are damaged, such as memory and cognition. This symptom is known as higher brain dysfunction. An effective rehabilitation methods and support systems are essential factors for better Activity of Daily Life (ADL) of(More)
Cognitive dysfunction patients often interfere with cooking action and give up it. We have proposed the navigation system which supports cooking according to the grade of cognitive dysfunction, and have conducted the experiments of cognitive rehabilitation program (the cycle of cooking, eating, and reviewing) for verifying the hypothesis of having a(More)
This paper focuses on the preparation and consumption of meals-menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and consumption of people with higher brain dysfunction (HBD) as a novel approach to cognitive rehabilitation. A rehab scheme can be implemented using a cooking navigation system that supports menu planning that is tailored to the disability level of(More)