Kenya Venusa Lampert

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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study is to examine the association between conduct disorder before age 15 and subsequent alcohol dependence, and to describe the lifetime prevalence of alcohol dependence among Navajo Indian women and men. METHOD This was a case-control design which included both men (n = 735) and women (n = 351) and in which the Diagnostic(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the risk factors for conduct disorder before age 15 among Navajo Indians. METHODS The study was based on a survey of a stratified random sample of adult Navajo Indians between the ages of 21 and 65 living on and adjacent to two different areas of the Navajo Reservation. There were 531 male and 203 female respondents. The average age(More)
Previous studies have shown that maternal consumption of polyphenol-rich foods after the third trimester of pregnancy may interfere with the anatomical and functional activity of the fetal heart as, to our knowledge, there are no validated instruments to quantify total polyphenols in pregnant women. The aim of this study was evaluate the reproducibility and(More)
Anti-inflammatory property of polyphenols and their effect on the metabolism of prostaglandins is not established in healthy humans. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of polyphenol supplementation in plasma levels of prostaglandin E2 and other markers of inflammation and oxidative stress in women using contraceptives. In this randomized double-blind(More)
Thyroid foci showing uptake on scintigraphy were examined by thermography and compared with foci showing no uptake. The following results were obtained: 1. One fifth of scintigraphically "cold" foci were also cold on the thermogram. 2. Two thirds to four fifths of foci showing scintigraphic uptake appeared as warm spots on the thermogram. 3. 10% of foci(More)
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