Keny T. Lucas

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We present two parallel algorithms for finding all the roots of an N-degree polynomial equation on an efficient model of Optoelectronic Transpose Interconnection System (OTIS), called OTIS-2D torus. The parallel algorithms are based on the iterative schemes of Durand–Kerner and Ehrlich methods. We show that the algorithm for the Durand–Kerner method(More)
OTIS (Optical Transpose Interconnection System) is popular model of optoelectronic parallel computers. This is a hybrid interconnection network using electronic and optical communication channels. In the recent years, many parallel algorithms for various numeric and non-numeric computations have been developed on these networks. In this paper, we propose a(More)
—The OTIS (Optical Transpose Interconnection System) has been a popular interconnection model for developing parallel processing systems. Various real-life problems including job scheduling, knapsack, loop optimization, evaluation of polynomials, solutions of linear equations, and polynomial interpolation depend on the time complexity of prefix computation(More)