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Automatic Essay Scoring
Standardized tests are hampered by the manual effort required to score student-written essays. In this paper, we show how linear regression can be used to automatically grade essays on standardized
Collecting Verified COVID-19 Question Answer Pairs
A dataset of over 2,100 COVID19 related Frequently asked Question-Answer pairs scraped from over 40 trusted websites is released and an additional 24, 000 questions pulled from online sources that have been aligned by experts with existing answered questions from this dataset are included.
Probabilistic Neural Programs
We present probabilistic neural programs, a framework for program induction that permits flexible specification of both a computational model and inference algorithm while simultaneously enabling the
Everything Is All It Takes: A Multipronged Strategy for Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Information Extraction
This work explores techniques including data projection and selftraining, and how different pretrained encoders impact them, and finds that a combination of approaches leads to better performance than any one crosslingual strategy in particular.
Summarization by Latent Dirichlet Allocation: Superior Sentence Extraction through Topic Modeling
Latent Dirichlet allocation, or LDA, is a successful, generative, probabilistic model of text corpora that has performed well in many tasks in many areas of Natural Language Processing. Despite being
NL-Augmenter: A Framework for Task-Sensitive Natural Language Augmentation
The efficacy of NL-Augmenter is demonstrated by using several of its tranformations to analyze the robustness of popular natural language models and the infrastructure, datacards and robutstness analysis results are shown.