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We conducted a national survey of psychologists who offer neuropsychological services to determine levels of training, current practices, and views on professional issues. All subjects were listed in the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology and/or the American Psychological Association Directory as having some affiliation with(More)
It has been suggested that the rumen microbiome and rumen function might be disrupted if methane production in the rumen is decreased. Furthermore concerns have been voiced that geography and management might influence the underlying microbial population and hence the response of the rumen to mitigation strategies. Here we report the effect of the dietary(More)
We surveyed assumptions with regard to the relation between age and outcome of head injury (a.k.a. the "Kennard Principle"). Two groups (N = 120) of practicing clinicians were sent background information about a mild to moderate head injury in which only the age of the patient varied and were asked to predict likely outcome (degree of impairment). Predicted(More)
It is often assumed that judgment accuracy improves as clinical training and experience increase, but the few studies on this topic within neuropsychology have yielded negative findings. In an extension of prior research, we obtained information on background training and experience from a nationally representative sample of clinical neuropsychologists and(More)
100 disability claimants of the Social Security Administration referred for neuropsychological evaluation and 40 undergraduate college students asked to simulate brain damage were administered a measure for the detection of malingering, an abbreviated version of the Hiscock Forced-choice Procedure, and other neuropsychological tests. Half of each group was(More)
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