Kenton C. T. Lee

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In this paper, we explore a class of teleoperation problems where a user controls a sophisticated device (e.g. a robot) via an interface to perform a complex task. Teleoperation interfaces are fundamentally limited by the indirectness of the process, by the fact that the user is not physically executing the task. In this work, we study intelligent and(More)
This paper addresses the challenge of enabling nonexpert users to command robots to perform complex high-level tasks using natural language. It describes an integrated system that combines the power of formal methods with the accessibility of natural language, providing correct-by-construction controllers for high-level specifications that can be(More)
We propose the demonstration of SP4, a software-based programmable packet processing platform that supports (1) stateful packet processing useful for analyzing traffic flows with session semantics, (2) uses a task-stealing architecture that automatically leverages multi-core processing capabilities in a load-balanced manner without the need for explicit(More)
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