Kento Terashima

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In this paper, teleoperation of a master-slave robot system with haptic feedback and network traffic reduction for rehabilitation are presented. At first, the stability of the teleoperation system with haptic feedback via time delay communication environment is mathematically shown for multi-joint robot arm system. Experiments show that the system is(More)
For helping attendants of handicapped people and elderly people, a power assist system has been added to an omni-directional wheelchair (OMW). With this addition it is possible for the attendants to deal with heavy loads, but there is a problem of operability when the attendants want to move the OMW laterally or rotate around OMW's gravity center (CG). In(More)
We have developed a new type of robot which accompanies the healthcare professionals making medical rounds in patient's bedrooms at hospitals. This novel robot mainly executes two tasks: the carrying armamentarium of round medical supplies and the recording electronic health data on rounds. An omni-directional mobile mechanism and a human tracking control(More)
This paper presents a method to establish real time path planning for three-dimensional (3-D) autonomous mobile overhead crane system. Proposed crane system consists of a visual system and a planning system. In the visual system, CCD image sensors, laser line markers and ultrasonic sensor (USS) are used to scan the transfer space. First, environmental map(More)
The purpose of this study is to control the series of actions in the pouring process to improve the productivity of the factory, the safety of workers, and the quality of the product. A mathematical model of the pouring processes was built; based on the model, a forward tilting control input was designed to hold the liquid in the sprue cup at a constant(More)
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