Kento Asano

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The reduction of body core temperature (Tcore) after salt loading has been reported. In this study, we tested the hypothesis that, during a cold exposure in rats, (1) salt loading would decrease metabolic rate (MR), reducing Tcore, but (2) Tcore would be maintained when cold-escape/warm-seeking behaviour is available. In the first experiment (n = 7), MR and(More)
The effect of chronic beta-adrenergic blockade on central circulatory adaptations to physical training was investigated. 16 healthy sedentary males (20-31 yrs) trained on cycle ergometers 40 min/day, 4 days a week for 8 weeks at a work load that during the last 5 weeks corresponded to 75% of the pretraining VO2 max. In a single blind way, 8 subjects were(More)
BACKGROUND The sympathetic nervous activity increases at high altitude but is not maximal initially when hypoxemia is most severe. HYPOTHESIS The sympathetic activation would correlate better to the ventilatory response to chronic hypoxia than to the severity of hypoxia per se. METHODS Eleven healthy male volunteers (27 +/- 1 yr) had measurements from(More)
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