Kentaro Takano

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To investigate the effect of selective hypothermia of the brain (brain cooling) on regional cerebral blood flow and tissue metabolism, we have developed a brain thermo-regulator. Brain temperature was modulated by a water-cooled metallic plate placed on the surface of the rats' scalp to get the appropriate brain temperature precisely with ease. Regional(More)
Touch-based tablet devices are starting to be used frequently in meetings and places of discussion. However, are tablets really ideal as discussion tools? Or do they actually obstruct communication? To answer these questions, this paper quantitatively compares discussion processes involving paper, an iPad2, and a laptop PC. We performed an experiment where(More)
We conducted microscopic analysis on several frequently observed types of work-related reading to find ways to support each type of reading. We obtained empirical data from video recording, concurrent verbal reporting, and retrospective reporting by 18 participants in 10 target types of reading that use paper. Using these data, first, we categorized the(More)
This paper describes an experiment to evaluate the impact of the use of a touch-based digital reading device in active reading. We compared the performance of proofreading when using paper and when using a touch-based tablet device. Results showed that participants detected more errors when reading from paper than when reading from the tablet device. During(More)
This paper describes experiments to compare reading with paper versus electronic media when reading with frequently moving back and forth between pages. In the first experiment, eighteen participants read aloud multi-page documents with endnotes in three conditions: paper, a large display, and a small display. Results revealed that reading from paper was(More)
To determine the level of cerebral blood flow reduction which causes striatal dopamine release, extracellular dopamine and cerebral blood flow was simultaneously determined using in vivo brain dialysis and a hydrogen clearance method, respectively, in the striatum of spontaneously hypertensive rats, before and during experimental cerebral ischemia. The(More)
This paper describes two experiments that compare paper and computer displays in cross-reference reading for multiple documents. The first experiment quantitatively showed the superiority of paper regarding reading speed and error-detection rate. To investigate the reason for this, in the second experiment, we microscopically analyzed the process of(More)
The mol-ecule of the title compound, C(16)H(11)N(3)O(3), exists in the keto form and the C=O and N-H bonds are mutually cis in the crystal structure. There are two crystallographically independent mol-ecules per asymmetric unit with broadly similar structural data. The only noticeable difference between the two is the dihedral angles between the benzene and(More)