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Corticosterone has received considerable attention as the principal hormonal mediator of allostasis or physiological stress in wild animals. More recently, it has also been implicated in the regulation of parental care in breeding birds, particularly with respect to individual variation in foraging behavior and provisioning effort. There is also evidence(More)
An ethogram is a catalogue of discrete behaviors typically employed by a species. Traditionally animal behavior has been recorded by observing study individuals directly. However, this approach is difficult, often impossible, in the case of behaviors which occur in remote areas and/or at great depth or altitude. The recent development of increasingly(More)
Adipose tissue expression and circulating concentrations of monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1) correlate positively with adiposity. To ascertain the roles of MCP-1 overexpression in adipose, we generated transgenic mice by utilizing the adipocyte P2 (aP2) promoter (aP2-MCP-1 mice). These mice had higher plasma MCP-1 concentrations and increased(More)
In sheep and goats, the primer pheromone produced by the male induces out-of-seasonal ovulation in anoestrous females, the so-called 'male effect.' Because the initial endocrine event following reception of the pheromone is the stimulation of pulsatile luteinising hormone (LH) secretion, the central target of the pheromone is considered to be the putative(More)
Albatrosses fly many hundreds of kilometers across the open ocean to find and feed upon their prey. Despite the growing number of studies concerning their foraging behaviour, relatively little is known about how albatrosses actually locate their prey. Here, we present our results from the first deployments of a combined animal-borne camera and depth data(More)
The flight ability of animals is restricted by the scaling effects imposed by physical and physiological factors. In comparisons of the power available from muscle and the mechanical power required to fly, it is predicted that the margin between the powers should decrease with body size and that flying animals have a maximum body size. However, predicting(More)
The odor preference of female mice for male odor is reported to have cyclical variations in relation to the estrus cycle. Females prefer the odor of genetically dissimilar males to that of genetically similar ones, but the causal relation between this preference and the estrus cycle has scarcely been investigated. The Y-maze test demonstrated that BALB/c(More)
Nitric oxide (NO) is known to be a potent messenger in the intracellular signal transduction system in many tissues. In pancreatic beta cells, NO has been reported to be formed from L-arginine through NO synthase. To elucidate the effect of NO on insulin secretion and to investigate the intracellular mechanism of its effect, we have used sodium(More)
Large scale loosely coupled PCs can organize clusters and form the grid computing on sharing each processing power; power of PCs and code migration characterize the performance of distributed systems. This paper describes the performance evaluation of large scale loosely coupled distributed systems. The prototype of the middleware which migrates objects for(More)
BACKGROUND There exists a subpopulation of T2DM in whom first-line doses of statin are insufficient for optimally reducing LDL-C, representing a major risk of CVD. The RESEARCH study focuses on LDL-C reduction in this population along with modifications of the lipid profiles leading to residual risks. METHODS Lipid changes were assessed in a randomized,(More)