Kentaro Ouchi

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BACKGROUND We investigated the impact of the type of neurological disorder on the required propofol dose for anesthesia and the time to emerge from anesthesia during dental treatment in patients with autism (AU), cerebral palsy (CP), and intellectual disability (ID), some of whom also had epilepsy. METHODS We studied 224 patients with a neurological(More)
The tail-flick (TF) test is the most frequently used method to measure pain levels and assess the effects of anesthesia. In this study, we performed the TF test in rats sedated via an indwelling epidural catheter and then examined the effectiveness of this method in evaluating the local anesthetic effects. First, an epidural catheter was inserted into the(More)
An approach for the correction of cryptotia using a superiorly based superficial mastoid fascial flap and a skin paddle is introduced. The buried portion of the auricle was exposed through an incision made along the upper part of the helix, followed by an appropriate correction of the deformed cartilage. Protrusion of the upper portion of the auricle was(More)
BACKGROUND Reportedly, administration of hypotonic fluids containing 30.8-74 mEq/L sodium with 5 % glucose may lead to serious hyponatremia or hyperglycemia. In Japan, hypotonic fluids containing 90 mEq/L sodium with 2.6 % glucose are commonly used. We compared blood electrolyte balance and blood glucose concentration with the use of isotonic (140 mEq/L(More)
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