Kentaro Okamura

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Hepatic differentiation from mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells via the formation of embryoid bodies (EBs) has been revealed by the expression of hepatocyte-related genes such as alpha-fetoprotein and albumin. It is known, however, that the visceral endoderm differentiates in early EBs and expresses these hepatocyte-related genes. Thus, it remains unclear(More)
This study compared the wear characteristics of a heat-pressed lithium disilicate ceramic material opposed to feldspathic porcelain, a lithium disilicate glass ceramic, and zirconia materials. Ceramic plate specimens were prepared from feldspathic porcelain (EX-3 nA1B), lithium disilicate glass ceramics (e.max CAD MO1/C14), and zirconia (Katana KT 10) and(More)
Microvillous membrane fractions from human term placentae were prepared by differential centrifugation. Extration of membranes with PBS-EDTA or KCI removed soluble cytoplasmic components and serum proteins excepting trace amounts of albumin and transferrin. PAGE-SDS revealed 11 components in the Triton solubilized crude fraction after PBS-EDTA extraction.(More)
As part of the development of a percutaneous artificial pancreas islet, an insulin injection micropump was fabricated using micromachine techniques. The major components of the device were a thin-film, two-electrode system incorporated in a closed compartment, a silicone rubber diaphragm to separate an electrolyte solution from an insulin solution, a(More)
We report on the selective determination of tryptophan, using a carbon paste electrode coated with an overoxidized polypyrrole film. Out of 21 protein amino acids, only tryptophan and tyrosine exhibited an oxidative voltammetric response with this electrode. Tryptophan, which was preferentially concentrated to the electrode under an open circuit condition,(More)
Monkey embryonic stem (ES) cells have characteristics that are similar to human ES cells, and might be useful as a substitute model for preclinical research. When embryoid bodies (EBs) formed from monkey ES cells were cultured, expression of many hepatocyte-related genes including cytochrome P450 (Cyp) 3a and Cyp7a1 was observed. Hepatocytes were(More)
We have successfully demonstrated a field trial of 40-GWs wavelength path quality assurance by applying a GMPLS-controlled all-optical 2R regenerator that is incorporated in multilayer integration system among GMPLS control, measurement, and data planes. 02005 Optical Society of America OCIS codes: (060.4510) Optical commuoications; (060.4250) Networks