Kentaro Ohno

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6-O-(2-Nitrobenzyl)guanosine and 4-O-(2-nitrobenzyl)uridine triphosphates (NBGTP, NBUTP) were synthesized, and their biochemical and photophysical properties were evaluated. We synthesized NBUTP using the canonical triphosphate synthesis method and NBGTP from 2',3'-O-TBDMS guanosine via a triphosphate synthesis method by utilizing mild acidic desilylation(More)
Mismatch binding protein MutS binding to bulge structure in DNA duplexes was controlled by UV irradiation. 4-O-(2-Nitrobenzyl)thymidine or 4-O-[2-(2-nitrophenyl)propyl]thymidine was incorporated into DNA duplexes a bulged position. The MutS did not bind to the caged DNA duplexes but bound after removing the 2-nitrobenzyl or 2-(2-nitrophenyl)propyl group by(More)
Enzymatic synthesis and the reverse transcription of RNAs containing 2'-O-carbamoyl uridine were evaluated. A mild acidic deprotection procedure allowed the synthesis of 2'-O-carbamoyl uridine triphosphate (UcmTP). UcmTP was incorporated correctly into long RNAs, and its fidelity during reverse transcription using SuperScript III was sufficient for RNA(More)
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