Kentaro Miuchi

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Since the discovery of nuclear gamma-rays, its imaging has been limited to pseudo imaging, such as Compton Camera (CC) and coded mask. Pseudo imaging does not keep physical information (intensity, or brightness in Optics) along a ray, and thus is capable of no more than qualitative imaging of bright objects. To attain quantitative imaging, cameras that(More)
A prototype of the MeV gamma-ray imaging camera based on the full reconstruction of the Compton process has been developed. This camera consists of a micro-TPC that is a gaseous Time Projection Chamber (TPC) and scintillation cameras. With the information of the recoil electrons and the scattered gamma-rays, this camera detects the energy and incident(More)
The application of a two-dimensional photon-counting detector based on a micro-pixel gas chamber (micro-PIC) to high-resolution small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS), and its performance, are reported. The micro-PIC is a micro-pattern gaseous detector fabricated by printed circuit board technology. This article describes the performance of the micro-PIC in(More)
Bosonic superweakly interacting massive particles (super-WIMPs) are a candidate for warm dark matter. With the absorption of such a boson by a xenon atom, these dark matter candidates would deposit an energy equivalent to their rest mass in the detector. This is the first direct detection experiment exploring the vector super-WIMPs in the mass range between(More)
The application of a two-dimensional micro-pixel gas chamber (micro-PIC) to X-ray diffraction studies, and its performance, are reported. micro-PIC has a 10 cm x 10 cm detection area, and a fast-readout system for real-time X-ray imaging has been developed. Using the timing of each incoming X-ray measured by micro-PIC, continuous rotation photograph(More)
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