Kentaro Iwami

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This paper reports a method for rapid prototyping of cell tissues, which is based on a system that extrudes, aspirates and refills a mixture of cells and thermoreversible hydrogel as a scaffold. In the extruding mode, a cell-mixed scaffold solution in the sol state is extruded from a cooled micronozzle into a temperature-controlled substrate, which keeps(More)
A Au nanofin array embedded in SiO<sub>2</sub> was designed and fabricated to achieve an achromatic half waveplate with high transmittance at visible wavelengths. On the basis of the waveguide theory of nanogaps and the Fresnel reflection theory, nanofin array is calculated to have ideal properties for an achromatic half-waveplate in the visible band from(More)
The size of a particle smaller than the diffraction limit is measured using a conventional optical microscope by adopting a standing evanescent field illumination. The scattering intensity from a nanoparticle is periodically modulated by shifting the intensity fringes of the standing evanescent field. By measuring contrast of scattering intensity variation(More)
This paper reports a prototype of a mechanically and thermally robust encapsulated microfabricated thermionic energy converter (μ-TEC). We used conformal sidewall deposition of poly-SiC to form stiff suspension legs with U-shaped cross sections, which increase the out-of-plane rigidity and prevent contact with the substrate during the heating of the(More)
The cells in the cardiovascular system are constantly subjected to mechanical forces created by blood flow and the beating heart. The effect of forces on cells has been extensively investigated, but their effect on cellular organelles such as mitochondria remains unclear. We examined the impact of nano-Newton forces on mitochondria using a bent optical(More)
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