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Dependency Tree-based Sentiment Classification using CRFs with Hidden Variables
In this paper, we present a dependency tree-based method for sentiment classification of Japanese and English subjective sentences using conditional random fields with hidden variables. SubjectiveExpand
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Annotating a Japanese Text Corpus with Predicate-Argument and Coreference Relations
In this paper, we discuss how to annotate coreference and predicate-argument relations in Japanese written text. There have been research activities for building Japanese text corpora annotated withExpand
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An Attentive Neural Architecture for Fine-grained Entity Type Classification
In this work we propose a novel attention-based neural network model for the task of fine-grained entity type classification that unlike previously proposed models recursively composesExpand
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Text Simplification for Reading Assistance: A Project Note
This paper describes our ongoing research project on text simplification for congenitally deaf people. Text simplification we are aiming at is the task of offering a deaf reader a syntactic andExpand
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Emotion Classification Using Massive Examples Extracted from the Web
In this paper, we propose a data-oriented method for inferring the emotion of a speaker conversing with a dialog system from the semantic content of an utterance. We first fully automatically obtainExpand
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Zero-anaphora resolution by learning rich syntactic pattern features
We approach the zero-anaphora resolution problem by decomposing it into intrasentential and intersentential zero-anaphora resolution tasks. For the former task, syntactic patterns of zeropronouns andExpand
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Annotating Event Mentions in Text with Modality, Focus, and Source Information
Many natural language processing tasks, including information extraction, question answering and recognizing textual entailment, require analysis of the polarity, focus of polarity, tense, aspect,Expand
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Exploiting Syntactic Patterns as Clues in Zero-Anaphora Resolution
We approach the zero-anaphora resolution problem by decomposing it into intra-sentential and inter-sentential zero-anaphora resolution. For the former problem, syntactic patterns of the appearance ofExpand
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Extracting Aspect-Evaluation and Aspect-Of Relations in Opinion Mining
The technology of opinion extraction allows users to retrieve and analyze people’s opinions scattered over Web documents. We define an opinion unit as a quadruple consisting of the opinion holder,Expand
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Experience Mining: Building a Large-Scale Database of Personal Experiences and Opinions from Web Documents
This paper proposes a new UGC-oriented language technology application, which we call experience mining. Experience mining aims at automatically collecting instances of personal experiences as wellExpand
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