Kentaro Aburada

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Recently, mobile terminals such as smartphones have come into widespread use. Most of such mobile terminals store several types of important data, such as personal information. Therefore, in order to prevent data theft, it is necessary to lock and unlock terminals using a personal authentication method such as personal identification numbers (PINs).(More)
Among the problems faced by peer-to-peer (P2P) networks is the malicious content that often spreads unchecked because such contents are transferred from any peer to the other peer directly. While various personal and/or shared countermeasure filtering methods are available, such filters have different configurations and strength levels. Therefore, if(More)
In recent years, with the improvement of the high speed communication infrastructure, P2P content distribution systems have been attracting more attention. In a P2P content distribution system, the lack of a central management server provides the system its robustness. However, it also leads to problems in content reliability and accessibility. We propose a(More)
Many researches are going on in ad hoc networks and several routing protocols have been proposed. However, these protocols are “single-path” protocols which construct only one route. In ad hoc networks, due to limitation of battery capacity and mobility of nodes, communication links are unstable. Therefore, “multi-path” protocols(More)
In ad hoc networks, due to the mobility of nodes, radio wave interference, and limited resources, such as batteries, communication links are unstable and restricted. In this paper, we propose the neighbors-based routing (NBR) protocol by constructing paths in an area in which a large number of nodes exists. Simulations confirm that the proposed protocol has(More)
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