Kenta Yamada

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In many tissues and organs, connexin proteins assemble between neighboring cells to form gap junctions. These gap junctions facilitate direct intercellular communication between adjoining cells, allowing for the transmission of both chemical and electrical signals. In rodents, gap junctions are found in differentiating myoblasts and are important for(More)
Following their synthesis in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), voltage-gated sodium channels (NaV) are transported to the membranes of excitable cells, where they often cluster, such as at the axon initial segment of neurons. Although the mechanisms by which NaV channels form and maintain clusters have been extensively examined, the processes that govern(More)
Cell signaling mediated by the Notch receptor (N) regulates many cell-fate decisions and is partly controlled by the endocytic trafficking of N. Drosophila deltex (dx) encodes an evolutionarily conserved regulator of N signaling, an E3-ubiquitin ligase, which ubiquitinates N's intracellular domain. Although Dx was shown to function in N endocytosis in(More)
RNA helicases regulate RNA metabolism, but their substrate specificity and in vivo function remain largely unknown. We isolated spontaneous mutant zebrafish that exhibit an abnormal dorsal bend at the beginning of tactile-evoked escape swimming. Similar behavioral defects were observed in zebrafish embryos treated with strychnine, which blocks glycine(More)
To uncover an underlying mechanism of collective human dynamics, we survey more than 1.8 billion blog entries and observe the statistical properties of word appearances. We focus on words that show dynamic growth and decay with a tendency to diverge on a certain day. After careful pretreatment and the use of a fitting method, we found power laws generally(More)
Timing closure in LSI design becomes more and more difficult. But the conventional interconnect RC extraction method have over-margins caused by its corner conditions settings. In this paper, statistical corner conditions using the independence of variations between process parameters and between interconnect layers are proposed. As a result, the(More)
This paper studies audio–video transmission in a wireless LAN with the EDCA of the IEEE 802.11e MAC protocol in terms of applica-tion–level QoS and user–level QoS (i.e., perceptual QoS). By simulation, we first compare the performance of the EDCA and the legacy IEEE 802.11 DCF in the case where audio, video, and data are transmitted in a common wireless(More)
We focus on Internet rumors and present an empirical analysis and simulation results of their diffusion and convergence during emergencies. In particular, we study one rumor that appeared in the immediate aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, which later turned out to be misinformation. By investigating whole Japanese tweets that(More)