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Various network structures exist in the world. Recently, small-world and scale-free have been focused attention on peculiar network structures. Those networks seem to indicate some characteristics of complex systems. However, the relations between not only the two types of network but also between other related ones are ambiguous. The purpose of this study(More)
Heparin-binding epidermal growth factor-like growth factor (HB-EGF), a member of epidermal growth factor (EGF) family, is a potent mitogenic peptide for various types of cells. HB-EGF is widely expressed in central nervous system, including hippocampus and cerebral cortex, and is considered to play pivotal roles in the developing and adult nervous system.(More)
In view of a cytoprotective effect of elastase inhibitor on chemokine-mediated tissue injury, we examined the neuroprotective effect of ONO-5046, a specific inhibitor of neutrophil elastase, in rats with spinal cord injury. Standardized spinal cord compression markedly increased cytokine-induced neutrophil chemo-attractant (CINC)-1 mRNA and protein. Their(More)
Glycoprotein nonmelanoma protein B (GPNMB, alias osteoactivin), a type I transmembrane glycoprotein, is cleaved by extracellular proteases, resulting in release of an extracellular fragment (ECF). GPNMB is widely expressed by neurons within the CNS, including the hippocampus; however, its function in the brain remains unknown. Here, we investigated the role(More)
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