Kenta Morikawa

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  • K Morikawa
  • Shika gakuho. Dental science reports
  • 1990
The author biochemically evaluated the possible application of 4 types of alpha-cyanoacrylate adhesive agents (methyl, ethyl, isopropyl and isobutyl) in dentistry. A semiconductor temperature sensor was used to measure alpha-cyanoacrylate polymerization-temperature maximum heat, and an oscilloscope was employed to measure heat value. Amounts of formaldehyde(More)
task. High resolving power of sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) makes it a valuable tool for this purpose. However, often it is difficult to extract a glycoprotein from the gel, especially if its molecular weight is high. To overcome these problems, a set of model glycoproteins resolved by SDS-PAGE was transferred to(More)
The sequential addition of aromatic Grignard reagents to O-alkyl thioformates proceeded to completion within 30 s to give aryl benzylic sulfanes in good yields. This reaction may begin with the nucleophilic attack of the Grignard reagent onto the carbon atom of the O-alkyl thioformates, followed by the elimination of ROMgBr to generate aromatic(More)
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