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The poor performance of WS-security (WSS) processing is often a topic of concern and prevents its wider adoption. We focused on byte-level similarities in WSS messages and implemented a template-based WSS processor. Inside the processor an automaton is employed that matches the incoming messages and extracts signature values and/or encrypted values. WSS(More)
This article describes performance improvements for the Web Services Security (WS-Security) specification. In the course of its development and performance measurement, we identified bottlenecks in the XML parsing and public key operations such as RSA signature and encryption. We are working on minimizing the impact of both of these bottlenecks. We(More)
This paper presents the experiments of collecting the documents on the WWW using distributed WWW robots. We propose distributed WWW robots to collect the documents quickly. Our final goal is to collect all of the documents on the WWW in Japan within one day. Currently, eight distributed WWW Robots are running in Japan. The experimental results show that we(More)
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