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Middle Miocene carnivorans from the Monarch Mill Formation, Nevada
The lowest part of the Monarch Mill Formation in the Middlegate basin, west-central Nevada, has yielded a middle Miocene (Barstovian Land Mammal Age) vertebrate assemblage, the Eastgate local fauna.Expand
A Holocene Mammalian Fauna from Box Elder Creek, Caddo County, Oklahoma
A Holocene local fauna from Box Elder Creek near Apache, Caddo County, Oklahoma, included remains of 10 species of mammals and an Indian artifact (Gary point). Mammal remains were recovered from aExpand
A new genus of eomyid rodent from the Miocene of Nevada
The description of a new genus (Apeomyoides) of eomyid rodent from the Miocene of Nevada increases the diversity of known taxa, enhances the geographic range, and extends the biochronology for theExpand
First Record of Leptodontomys (Rodenta: Eomyidae) in the Clarendonian (Miocene) of the Southern Great Plains
The fioccurrence of Leptodontomys (Rodentia: Eomyidae) in the Clarendonian North American Land Mammal Age of the southern Great Plains is reported. Leptodontomys sp. is represented by a lower left m1Expand
Heloderma (Helodermatidae; Squamata) from the Apache Local Fauna, Pleistocene, Southwestern Oklahoma
Abstract. Paleontological occurrences of helodermatid lizards (Helodermatidae) are relatively uncommon and scattered in the North American fossil record. A recently discovered concentration ofExpand
Miocene Proboscidean Tooth Found in Evaporite Karst Sinkhole near Gate, Oklahoma
Fragments of a proboscidean tooth were found in Neogene sediments of the Ogallala Formation within an evaporate karst sinkhole formed in Permian redbeds outside Gate, Oklahoma. The pieces wereExpand