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Small RNA cloning and sequencing is uniquely positioned as a genome-wide approach to quantify miRNAs with single-nucleotide resolution. However, significant biases introduced by RNA ligation in current protocols lead to inaccurate miRNA quantification by 1000-fold. Here we report an RNA cloning method that achieves over 95% efficiency for both 5′ and 3′(More)
The Musashi-2 (Msi2) RNA-binding protein maintains stem cell self-renewal and promotes oncogenesis by enhancing cell proliferation in hematopoietic and gastrointestinal tissues. However, it is unclear how Msi2 recognizes and regulates mRNA targets in vivo and whether Msi2 primarily controls cell growth in all cell types. Here we identified Msi2 targets with(More)
In many mouse models of skin cancer, only a few tumors typically form even though many cells competent for tumorigenesis receive the same oncogenic stimuli. These observations suggest an active selection process for tumor-initiating cells. Here, we use quantitative mRNA- and miR-Seq to determine the impact of Hras(G12V) on the transcriptome of(More)
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