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Morphological and chemical characteristics were determined for airborne tungsten particles in Fallon, Nevada, a town that is distinguishable environmentally by elevated airborne tungsten and cobalt. From samples of airborne dust collected previously at six different places in Fallon, tungsten-rich dust particles were isolated and analyzed with automated(More)
Optically transparent indium-tin oxide (ITO) is a “universal” electrode for various optoelectronic devices such as organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). It is known that the performance of OLEDs improves significantly by exposing the ITO surface to an oxygen plasma. This study employs conducting atomic force microscopy (C-AFM) for unique nanometer-scale(More)
To improve understanding of possible connections between airborne tungsten and public health, size and geography of airborne tungsten particles collected in Fallon, Nevada, and Sweet Home, Oregon, were compared. Both towns have industrial tungsten facilities, but only Fallon has experienced a cluster of childhood leukemia. Fallon and Sweet Home are similar(More)
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