Kent Paul Dolan

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Orthoclone OKT 3 (mOKT3) is a highly effective agent for the reversal of steroid-resistant renal allograft rejection. However, its wider use has been limited by the development of a human anti-mouse antibody response (HAMA) and by the "cytokine release syndrome" (CRS). CRS has been associated with T cell/monocyte activation and, secondarily, with activation(More)
Synthesis of alpha 2u globulin, previously thought to occur only in the male rat liver, has now been demonstrated in the submaxillary salivary gland. Unlike liver, submaxillary synthesis of alpha 2u globulin mRNA is constitutive--that is, independent of the endocrine state, age and sex. Liver and submaxillary alpha 2u globulin mRNAs are of similar size, and(More)
alpha 2u globulin synthesis ceases when a liver cell becomes malignant. We have compared the structure and transcription of the alpha 2u globulin genes in Morris hepatomas 5123D and 7793 with that of normal hepatic genes using alpha 2u globulin cDNA as a hybridization probe. No alpha 2u globulin mRNA was detected in hepatoma 7793 by cell-free translation,(More)
We describe a simple cloning procedure for alpha 2u-globulin that requires neither enrichment of mRNA for cloning nor purification of a specific probe for screening recombinant colonies. Total adult male liver poly(A)+RNA was used as template for cloning, and the subsequent recombinant colonies were screened by comparing hybridization to radioactive cDNA(More)
Hypophysectomy of adult male rats abolishes alpha 2u globulin synthesis; synthesis can be fully restored by daily administration of androgen, thyroid hormone, glucocorticoid and growth hormone for 12 days. It has been previously reported that growth hormone is not required to maintain alpha 2u globulin mRNA levels, and that growth hormone functions only(More)
The rat liver glucorcorticoid receptor has been activated using three procedures: heat, gel filtration, and dilution. With time after heat activation the steroid--receptor complex loses its capacity to bind to DNA--cellulose, while receptor activated by Sephadex G-25 and by dilution maintains DNA--cellulose binding capacity. The rates of steroid(More)
When liver cells undergo malignant transformation, certain genes cease being expressed. We have studied the structure of one such gene, whose protein product we have designated hepatic protein 22 (hp22), which is not expressed in the two Morris hepatomas studied. We have prepared a chimeric clone of pBR322 containing cDNA sequences complementary to mRNA(More)
The alpha 2u globulins, products of a highly homologous multigene family, are synthesized in the liver and submaxillary salivary glands of the rat. Although their precise function has not been ascertained, they are of interest because of the complex developmental and hormonal regulation of their tissue levels. We now report that alpha 2u globulin is(More)