Kent P. Weinmeister

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OBJECTIVE The local anesthetic lidocaine has been shown to suppress tinnitus, albeit very temporarily, when administered intravenously. Long-term suppression by local anesthetics has not been reported. Bupivacaine has not been studied. Here we report a case of prolonged (1-month) suppression of tinnitus following a peripheral nerve block performed with(More)
PURPOSE Intraoperative and postoperative hypothermia occur commonly; mild hypothermia (34-36 degrees C) is associated with adverse events. The use of perioperative warming devices has become routine, but currently available active warming devices may be limited in certain circumstances. The vitalHEAT Temperature Management System provides conductive warming(More)
The authors describe a case of epidural hematoma in association with dextran infusion in a patient who had undergone a peripheral vascular operation with epidural analgesia. Possible mechanisms for the anticoagulant effect of dextran and guidelines for the use of anticoagulant therapy in patients undergoing epidural anesthesia are discussed.
Mastocytosis is a rare group of disorders with chronic and episodic mast cell release of mediators which can have systemic and cutaneous manifestations. Triggers of anaphylaxis include commonly used medications for anesthesia, analgesia, and muscle relaxation. There is little in the literature regarding local anesthesia in emergent surgery for patients with(More)
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