Kent M Weaver

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Extracts of newly emerged virgin females and newly emerged virgin males of the parasitic waspItoplectis conquisitor were highly active in eliciting sexual behavior in older males. Newly emerged males did not respond to the extracts. A reliable biological assay was devised in which the responses of males to extract could be evaluated under varying(More)
A proposed tangential flow ultrafiltration method was compared to the widely used ultracentrifugation method for efficiency and efficacy in concentrating, size selecting, and minimizing the aggregation state of a silver nanoparticle (AgNP) colloid while probing the AgNPs' SERS-based sensing capabilities. The ultrafiltration method proved to be more(More)
Chemicals previously identified as kairomones utilized by parasitoids have been found in significant quantities in food plants of host insects. Different plant species contain varying concentrations and ratios of these chemicals. Feeding studies with chemically labeled kairomones indicate that these cues are concentrated and released unaltered by the host(More)
T. K. Pedlar, D. Cronin-Hennessy, K. Y. Gao, D. T. Gong, J. Hietala, Y. Kubota, T. Klein, B. W. Lang, S. Z. Li, R. Poling, A. W. Scott, A. Smith, S. Dobbs, Z. Metreveli, K. K. Seth, A. Tomaradze, P. Zweber, J. Ernst, H. Severini, D. M. Asner, S. A. Dytman, W. Love, S. Mehrabyan, J. A. Mueller, V. Savinov, Z. Li, A. Lopez, H. Mendez, J. Ramirez, G. S. Huang,(More)
We extract a relatively precise value for the decay constant of the D+ meson by measuring B(D+ → μνμ) = (4.45± 0.67 −0.36)× 10−4 using 280 pb−1 of data taken on the ψ(3770) resonance with the CLEO-c detector. We find fD+ = (223±16+7 −9) MeV . We also set a 90% confidence upper limit on B(D+ → e+ν) < 2.4× 10−5. ∗Submitted to the XXII International Symposium(More)
Using 0.8 x 10(6) D+ D- pairs collected with the CLEO-c detector at the psi(3770) resonance, we have searched for flavor-changing neutral current and lepton-number-violating decays of D+ mesons to final states with dielectrons. We find no indication of either, obtaining 90% confidence level upper limits of B(D+ --> pi+ e+ e-) < 7.4 x 10(-6), B(D+ --> pi- e+(More)
Using 55.8 pb(-1) of e+e- collisions recorded at the psi(3770) resonance with the CLEO-c detector at CESR, we determine absolute hadronic branching fractions of charged and neutral D mesons using a double tag technique. Among measurements for three D0 and six D+ modes, we obtain reference branching fractions B(D0-->K-pi+)=(3.91+/-0.08+/-0.09)% and(More)
Using 20.7 pb(-1) of e(+)e(-) annihilation data taken at sq.rt(r) = 3.671 GeV with the CLEO-c detector, precision measurements of the electromagnetic form factors of the charged pion, charged kaon, and proton have been made for timelike momentum transfer of |Q(2)| = 13.48 GeV(2) by the reaction e(+)e(-) --> h(+)h(-). The measurements are the first ever with(More)