Kent Lindquist

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The architecture, status and applications of a realtime data access, distribution, processing and storage system designed for networking radial data from surface current mapping HF-Radar instruments across the United States is presented. By leveraging the system design of HF-Radar sites, data access is generalized to nearly all sites while still providing(More)
As sensor networks become denser and more widely deployed, the potential develops for interconnecting these networks to combine datasets, share technological solutions, and to conduct cross-disciplinary research and monitoring operations that rely on several signal domains simultaneously. To that end, the real-time observatories, applications and data(More)
With the proliferation of sensors it is becoming increasingly difficult to discover and access sensor data of interest. Currently, most researchers and sensor data users access data from sensors that they build by themselves or from known sensor network run by their friends; rarely do they try to find sensor data of interest that are maintained by other(More)
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