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We study the optimal recursive refinancing problem where a borrower minimizes his lifetime mortgage costs by repeatedly refinancing when rates drop sufficiently. Key factors affecting the optimal decision are the cost of refinancing and the possibility that the mortgagor may have to refinance at a premium rate because of his credit. The optimal recursive(More)
We study the valuation of mortgage-backed securities when borrowers may have to refinance at premium rates because of their credit. The optimal refinancing strategy often results in prepayment being delayed significantly relative to traditional models. Furthermore, mortgage values can exceed par by much more than the cost of refinancing. Applying the model(More)
AIMS To summarize evidence from and assess the quality of published systematic reviews evaluating the safety, efficacy and effectiveness of incretin-based medications used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. METHODS We identified systematic reviews of randomized controlled trials or observational studies published in any language that evaluated the(More)
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