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IMUTUS is a European project that aims at the development of an open platform for training students on non-MIDI musical instruments, as well as to acquire theoretical music knowledge. The project involves many components oriented towards a new approach of music learning. After a brief overview of the system, the performance evaluation module and the music(More)
Epitope mapping of outer surface protein C (OspC) by using sera from patients with neuroborreliosis led to the identification of one single major immunodominant epitope within the C-terminal 10 amino acid residues. Peptide binding studies and alanine replacement scanning of the C-terminal decapeptide, PVVAESPKKP, revealed a critical role for the PKKP(More)
GAKIN II is a time dependent neutron diffusion code. It solves the time dependent multigroup neutron diffusion equations in one space dimension using the usual finite difference approximation. Time integration is accomplished using an exponential transformation and semi-implicit differencing. GAKIN II is a revision of the existing code GAKIN. The temporal(More)
This paper presents a System Dynamics approach to modeling how electric energy policy is created and modified in democratic nations. The selection of future generation capacity depends upon the comparative economics between technologies. These economics are subject to variation as societal concerns about such issues as supply reliability, safety, and(More)
The objective of this research is to develop an accurate and computationally efficient method (the Three-Dimensional Form Function Method) for reconstructing, from a nodal solution, the fine-mesh point flux and point power distribution for two-and three-dimensional reactor geometries. The basic approximation of the Three-Dimensional Form Function Method is(More)
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