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I almost didn’t write this review. Extreme Programming (XP) and the whole agile software development movement are somewhat controversial, especially around Rational where the RUP is the party line. I certainly didn’t want to make a career-limiting move by advocating a software development methodology contrary to the one embraced by Rational! ☺ The(More)
0018-9162/99/$10.00 © 1999 IEEE 70 Computer I n the beginning was the waterfall (Figure 1a). We would get the users to tell us once and for all exactly what they wanted. We would design the system that would deliver those features. We would code it. We would test to make sure the features were delivered. All would be well. All was not well. The users didn’t(More)
We need ways to describe designs that communicate the reasons for our design decisions, not just the results. Design patterns have been proposed as ways of communicating design information. This paper shows that patterns can be used to derive an architecture from its problem statement. The resulting description makes it easier to understand the purpose of(More)
A design pattern is a particular prose form of recording design information such that designs which have worked well in the past can be applied again in similar situations in the future. The availability of a collection of design patterns can help both the experienced and the novice designer recognize situations in which design reuse could or should occur.(More)
Programming languages for children have been limited by primitive control and data structures, indirect user interfaces, and artificial syntax. Playground is a child-oriented programming language that uses objects to structure data and has a modular control structure, a direct-manipulation user interface, and an English-like syntax. Integrating Playground(More)
Continuous deployment is the software engineering practice of deploying many small incremental software updates into production, leading to a continuous stream of 10s, 100s, or even 1,000s of deployments per day. High-profile Internet firms such as Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, Flickr, Google, and Netflix have embraced continuous deployment. However, the practice(More)
"Self-directed team" is one of the mantras of Agile Methodologies. Self-direction means that the team's manager is relegated to a facilitator role with little or no influence over day-to-day activities. For example, Kent Beck has written that the manager of an XP project can do four things: ask for estimates on cost and results, move people around among(More)