Kensyu Yoshida

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In [HH7], developing arguments in [HH5], Hochster and Huneke used classical tight closure techniques to prove a fine behavior of symbolic powers of ideals in regular rings. In this paper, we use generalized test ideals, which are a characteristic p analogue of multiplier ideals, to give a generalization of Hochster-Huneke's results.
For typical #P-hard problems on graphs, we have recently proposed an approach to solve those problems of moderate size rigorously by means of the binary decision diagram, BDD [12, 13]. This paper extends this approach to counting problems on linear matroids, graphic arrangements and partial orders, most of which are already known to be #P-hard, with using(More)
This paper presents new approaches in order to solve problems related to clustered photovoltaic systems and evaluates the performance of the developed method. To cope with inappropriate phenomena caused by malfunctions of islanding detector and over voltages by reverse power flows from PV systems, we have developed a new islanding detector and two types of(More)
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