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Tissue expression of Toll-like receptors 2 and 4 in sporadic human colorectal cancer
The results suggest that TLR2 expression might be involved in sporadic colorectal carcinogenesis, whereas TLR4 is not, and that bothTLR2 and 4 expression would probably be up-regulated.
Gastric Pathology Image Classification Using Stepwise Fine-Tuning for Deep Neural Networks
A novel stepwise fine-tuning-based deep learning scheme capable of making the deep neural network imitating the pathologist's perception manner and of acquiring pathology-related knowledge in advance, but with very limited extra cost in data annotation is presented.
Cancer detection from pathological images using Higher-order Local Autocorrelation feature
An innovative cancer detection method for pathological images and its extended approach for advanced ability is presented and the experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method in cancer detection and cancer location estimation.
Levels of soluble LR11/SorLA are highly increased in the bile of patients with biliary tract and pancreatic cancers.
β-2 microglobulin is unsuitable as an internal reference gene for the analysis of gene expression in human colorectal cancer.
It is well-known that gene expression levels should be normalized to a carefully selected and appropriately stable internal control gene. However, numerous studies have demonstrated that the
An Extended Method of Higher-order Local Autocorrelation Feature Extraction for Classification of Histopathological Images
An extended method of HLAC feature extraction for classification of histopathological images into normal and anomaly can automatically classify cancerous images as anomaly by using an extended geometric invariant HLAC features with rotation- and reflection-invariant properties from three-level histopathology images, which are segmented into nucleus, cytoplasm and background.