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• We consider possible group and individual differences in MDS representations. • We develop a novel Bayesian implementation of the K-INDSCAL model. • We apply the model to three psychological data sets. • The results demonstrate the different sorts of group-level and individual-level differences. a b s t r a c t Multidimensional scaling (MDS) models of(More)
Single-particle coherent X-ray diffraction imaging using an X-ray free-electron laser has the potential to reveal the three-dimensional structure of a biological supra-molecule at sub-nanometer resolution. In order to realise this method, it is necessary to analyze as many as 1 × 10(6) noisy X-ray diffraction patterns, each for an unknown random target(More)
A data acquisition system for X-ray free-electron laser experiments at SACLA has been developed. The system has been designed for reliable shot-to-shot data storage with a high data stream greater than 4 Gbps and massive data analysis. Configuration of the system and examples of prompt data analysis during experiments are presented. Upgrade plans for the(More)
We propose a new software framework, named "decoupling architecture", for all-to-all computation. In this framework, the user's kernel code and well-tuned parallel control code are clearly separated to allows users to move smoothly from running sequential programs on a single-node server to fully utilizing a powerful machine, such as the K computer. In an(More)
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