Kensuke Fujinoki

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This paper introduces triangular wavelets, which are two-dimensional nonseparable biorthogonal wavelets defined on the regular triangular lattice. The construction that we propose is aimed at preserving isotropy, and a simple nonseparable extension of one-dimensional interpolating wavelets followed by a straightforward generalization. Resulting three(More)
This paper presents an efficient approach for multiscale keypoint detection based on triangular biorthogonal wavelets. The detection scheme is simple and thus fast as only three isotropic directional components of an image obtained by multiscale decomposition with the triangular biorthogonal wavelets are used for keypoint localization at each scale.(More)
We present two-dimensional nonseparable wavelets defined on a triangular lattice using an average interpolating lifting scheme. With the update-first form of the lifting scheme, a primal scaling function and three dual wavelets are found to be based on the Haar functions defined on the lattice. However, the construction of a dual scaling function and three(More)
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