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A Neurometer device is an electrical nerve stimulator used to determine the current perception threshold (CPT) evoked by stimulating A-beta fibers at 2,000 Hz, A-delta fibers at 250 Hz and C fibers at 5 Hz. CPT evaluation is used for analyzing peripheral nerve dysfunction. In this study, the sensory disturbance of the lower-extremity was quantitatively(More)
Late perforation of the bladder by an abdominal catheter of a ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunt is extremely rare. We report the successful treatment of a patient who presented with this complication. An 82-year-old woman received a V-P shunt for normal pressure hydrocephalus following subarachnoid hemorrhage. Ten years later she was admitted to our hospital(More)
We studied a 59-year-old woman with dementia, retinitis pigmentosa, sensorimotor neuropathy, and attacks of vomiting associated with blood pressure lability and loss of consciousness. Abnormalities included CT evidence of cerebral atrophy, low IQ, slow central and peripheral nerve conduction velocities, axonal degeneration in sural nerve biopsy, and(More)
A double-blind crossover trial was conducted of thyrotropin releasing hormone treatment in six patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Patients received 4 mg of thyrotropin releasing hormone intramuscularly daily during the two-week treatment period. Although three patients reported subjective improvement, objective evaluation failed to demonstrate(More)
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