Kenshi Imoto

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Gastrointestinal tract perforation is an emergent condition that requires prompt surgery. Diagnosis largely depends on imaging examinations, and correct diagnosis of the presence, level, and cause of perforation is essential for appropriate management and surgical planning. Plain radiography remains the first imaging study and may be followed by(More)
A Neurometer device is an electrical nerve stimulator used to determine the current perception threshold (CPT) evoked by stimulating A-beta fibers at 2,000 Hz, A-delta fibers at 250 Hz and C fibers at 5 Hz. CPT evaluation is used for analyzing peripheral nerve dysfunction. In this study, the sensory disturbance of the lower-extremity was quantitatively(More)
We compared the abilities of alendronate and risedronate to reduce levels of urinary cross-1inked N-telopeptides of type I collagen (NTX) in Japanese postmenopausal women. The patients were randomly divided into two groups (alendronate, 5 mg/day, n = 61; risedronate, 2.5 mg/day, n = 60). All patients had taken all medication prescribed for the first month(More)
Urinary deoxypyridinoline (DPD) shows a high specificity for bone, and the measurement of DPD is not influenced by newly collagens and dietary intake. The measurement of free DPD is available by Japanese health insurance. Free DPD excretion above the upper limit of the premenopausal range was associated with increased hip fracture and osteoporotic fracture(More)
The characteristics of senile osteoporosis are as follows. (1) Bone turnover is not always decrease in senile osteoporosis. (2) Senile patients have urgent fracture risk, such as aging, prevalent fracture(s), low bone mass, and increasing bone turnover. (3) Most of patients are insufficient of calcium and vitamin D. The important things of the treatment for(More)
BACKGROUND CONTEXT Essential thrombocythemia (ET) is a chronic myeloproliferative disorder characterized by a relatively benign clinical course that may be complicated by conflicting thrombosis and bleeding. Postoperative spinal epidural hematoma is an uncommon, but well-known, complication after spinal surgery. PURPOSE To describe a patient with ET who(More)
BACKGROUND Cat cry syndrome is an autosomal disease accompanying abnormal deletion of chromosome 5 and occurs in only 1 of 50,000 neonates. Scoliosis has been reported as a skeletal complication in cat cry syndrome. The characteristics and causes of scoliosis in this rare syndrome are unknown. The purpose of this study was to present the characteristics of(More)
A 23-year-old male snowboarder suffered bilateral femoral shaft fractures from a jumping accident. On the day following the injury, closed intramedullary nailings with static locking were inserted. Follow-up radiographs revealed that bone unions had formed in the bilateral femurs. The patient was able to walk without the help of a cane, and returned to(More)
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