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We propose a new ad-hoc routing protocol named “PD-OLSR”(Protocol Dependent-OLSR) which makes the best of UDP and TCP, based on separate routing tables for UDP and TCP. It also enables the route selection to avoid network congestion, considering traffic conditions of nodes. In this paper, we show summary of PD-OLSR and performance evaluation.(More)
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has significantly changed lifestyle and educational environments more than we have ever envisioned. However, advancements in ICT have created gaps -- gaps between computer environments that students use at school and at home and gaps between computer usage of students and lecturers. We propose a cloud education(More)
In recent years, popularization of wireless sensor networks in various fields including smart houses and environment monitoring systems at factories has been expected. However, it is difficult to grasp the structure and connectivity of dynamically changing networks, because sensor networks are connected by radio waves with each other. For that reason, it(More)
Power analysis attacks against lightweight ciphers are barely examined. Therefore, to verify the safety of lightweight ciphers in the future, it is important to investigate a method to verify tamper resistance against power analysis attacks. To verify the tamper resistance by performing a simulation, an extremely long processing time is required to obtain(More)
Information obtained through sensors and accumulated in wearable computers can be used as big data. To ensure the safety of this information, the security of wearable computers has become more important than ever before. However, the AES that has been widely used cannot be applied to wearable computers due to the size of the embedment area in those devices.(More)
The threat of electromagnetic analysis attacks against cryptographic circuits has been highlighted. Electromagnetic analysis attacks maliciously analyze confidential information using electromagnetic waves generated during the operation of a cryptographic circuit. At present, many studies have reported on electromagnetic analysis attacks against AES.(More)
Several measures against power analysis attacks have been proposed. A clock fluctuation LSI, which achieves tamper resistance against electromagnetic analysis attacks, is one of popular measures. The present study proposes an alignment method which can analyze the clock fluctuation LSI. The proposed method corrects a shift of power consumption waveforms in(More)
Recently, driving support technologies, such as inter-vehicle and road-to-vehicle communication technologies, have been practically used. However, a problem has been pointed out that when a vehicle is connected with an external network, the safety of the vehicle is threatened. As a result, the security of vehicle control systems, which greatly affects(More)