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In order to develop a system to synthesize arbitrary viewpoint images efficiently, two representative schemes that use the 3-D geometric model to synthesize images have been the focus of attention: model-based rendering and image-based rendering. Image-based rendering is reported to give a better coding performance than the model-based rendering. Although(More)
The diffraction anomalous fine structure (DAFS) method that is a spectroscopic analysis combined with resonant X-ray diffraction enables the determination of the valence state and local structure of a selected element at a specific crystalline site and/or phase. This method has been improved by using a polycrystalline sample, channel-cut monochromator(More)
The newly installed BL28XU beamline at SPring-8 is dedicated to in situ structural and electronic analysis of rechargeable batteries. It supports the time range (1 ms to 100 s) and spatial range (1 µm to 1 mm) needed for battery analysis. Electrochemical apparatus for battery charging and discharging are available in experimental hutches and in a(More)
A novel image synthesis method of an object at arbitrary viewpoint by using the 3-D geometric model and several camera images is proposed. Although the image-based rendering synthesizes the relatively accurate diffuse reflection component from the camera images from different viewpoints, it can not synthesize the specular reflection component with(More)
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