Kenro Aihara

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Recent sensor technologies have enabled the capture of users’ behavior data. Given the large amount of data currently available from sensor-equipped environments, it is important to attempt characterization of the sensor data for automatically modeling users in a ubiquitous and mobile computing environment. As described herein, we propose a method that(More)
In this paper, we propose replication methods to perform effective document sharing on a peer-to-peer(P2P) system where peers frequently join and leave the system. The proposed method uses the relevancy and usefulness of peers to determine how many replications should be made, and where to locate these replications. This paper shows empirically that the(More)
A data fusion approach based on complex and hyper-complex vectors spaces is presented. The benefits of such an approach are highlighted and potential applications are identified. A case study on simultaneous forecasting of wind speed and direction in the complex domain, together with a distributed serial sensor fusion topology illustrate the potential of(More)
When constructing a large document archive, an important element is the digitizing of printed documents. Although various techniques for document image analysis such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) have been developed, error handling is required in constructing real document archive systems. This paper discusses the problem from the quality(More)
3pm-5:30pm Session 2 Advanced Digital Archives 1. Annotating the Web Archives An Exploration of Web Archives Cataloging and Semantic Web, Paul H. J. Wu, Adrian K. H. Heok, Ichsan P., Tamsir (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) 2. Owlery: A Flexible Content Management System for "Growing Metadata" of Cultural Heritage Objects and Its Educational Use(More)
This paper introduces the ongoing project that aims to develop a mobile sensing framework to collect sensor data reflecting personal-scale, or microscopic, roadside phenomena by crowd sourcing and also using social big data, such as traffic, climate, and contents of social network services like Twitter. To collect them, smartphone applications are provided.(More)