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OBJECTIVE This study used a multi-method approach to examine the effectiveness of a pedometer-based intervention delivered by health professionals for increasing walking. METHODS Pedometer packs were distributed to 374 patients who undertook a 12-week walking programme. Changes in walking were assessed at three months (using self-reported step-counts(More)
This paper describes a piece of collaborative research that aimed to develop an implementation plan for a virtual hospice. The aim of the virtual hospice in this case is to extend the reach of hospice facilities provided by the Highland Hospice in Inverness, Scotland. We chose a knowledge exchange process that included Hospice staff at every step. We began(More)
Enhanced pork loin chops, beef longissimus lumborum steaks, semimembranosus steaks (superficial and deep portions), ground beef, and ground turkey were displayed under light emitting diode (LED) and fluorescent (FLS) lighting in two multi-shelf, retail display cases with identical operating parameters. Visual and instrumental color, internal product(More)
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