Kenny Larsson

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Acute aseptic meningitis (AAM) affects 10-20/100,000 inhabitants per years in Sweden. Up to the beginning of the 1980s the diagnoses were made by virus isolation and/or determination of viral antibodies in serum. The development of PCR for detection of viruses in CSF samples has increased the sensitivity and diagnostic efficiency considerably. We(More)
Use of the potent bronchodilators, beta 2-adrenoceptor agonists, has been a cornerstone of the treatment of obstructive lung disease, especially asthma, for the past 30 years. However, the occurrence of side effects and the development of tolerance have been discussed as limitations to their use. beta 2-Adrenoceptors are located on the surface of most cell(More)
Cholesteryl sodium sulphate (CS) crystallizes as the dihydrate, the crystal structure of which is known. On heating the dihydrate, solid state phase transitions are observed at 65 degrees C and 95 degrees C and melting occurs at 165 degrees C. The structure of the high temperature phase has not been determined. Cholesteryl dihydrogen phosphate (CP) is not(More)
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