Kenny K. N. Chow

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The traditional view of animation is a medium-specific perspective: animation is a sequence of images on film. In contrast, we employ a wider, interdisciplinary theoretical lens, based on a phenomenological perspective of animation. We describe animation as the experience of artifacts imbued with apparent “animacy,” or “liveliness,” and identify a range of(More)
This paper presents Generative Visual Renku (GVR), a new genre of visual interactive/generative art form inspired by Japanese renku poetry and generative contemporary art. GRIOT, a system for composing generative and interactive multimedia discourse, is used to semantically constrain generated output both visually and conceptually. GVR utilizes GRIOT to(More)
Generative Visual Renku (GVR) is a new form of computational visual art created by the authors. Inspired by linked verses in Japanese renku (renga) poetry, linguistic study of form and content of Chinese characters, and conceptual metaphor and blending theories from cognitive science, GVR works generate evocative compositions of graphical images through(More)
This paper provides an interdisciplinary reflection on the nature meaning-making involving users and animated gestural interfaces. In particular, we propose a new model for analysis of creative computing systems incorporating gestural input into dynamically animated interfaces. Our contributions are based on a theoretical framework synthesizing embodied(More)