Kenny Joseph

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This technical report provides users and researchers information on the configuration and use of Construct, the CASOS dynamic network, agent-based, information and belief diffusion simulation of complex socio-technical systems. The report provides a Quick Start Guide to Construct, a detailed discussion of its configuration, and use through a sample problem(More)
Ad hoc network is a collection of wireless nodes dynamically forming a topology without any existing infrastructure. Because of the absence of locality, it is highly open to number of hidden and exposed terminal problems. Hence it is essential to design a MAC protocol with more consideration. In this paper, a mobile agent based MAC is introduced which(More)
This report describes a preliminary Virtual Experiment (VE) utilizing multi-agent simulation that explores how information loss and information error impact decision accuracy in organizations. Results indicate that information loss and error exert interactive influences on decision accuracy. Moreover, the pattern of interaction suggests that information(More)
Real Time Processor Scheduling with no preemption of tasks is a class NP-hard problem. We have attempted to get the best task allocation schedule for sporadic tasks, such that all the tasks are being scheduled without missing its deadline. Bat algorithm was proposed from the motivation behind the bat's echolocation behaviour. Bat Searches for the prey in(More)
The recent advances in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) has paved the way for Vehicular Sensor Network (VSN) for the effective functioning of urban environment monitoring and enabling sharing of sensitive sensor information among vehicles for safety assistance and other commercial applications. The delivery of relevant sensor information in these applications(More)
Multimodal biometrics is an evolving technology in the fields of security. Biometrics system reduces the effort of remember a memorable password. Multimodal biometrics system uses two or more traits for efficient recognition. In this paper, a novel idea is proposed by combining IRIS and Finger knuckle print for recognition. The texture pattern present in(More)
Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) has wide applications in logistics and supply chain management and thus is one of the widely studied problems in the field of Operational Research. It is also a NP-hard combinatorial optimization problem and many different kinds of algorithms and techniques have been proposed to solve VRP. There are many types of VRP and this(More)
In this paper, a literature survey has been conducted on a specific type of vehicle routing problem called as the stochastic vehicle routing problem (SVRP). SVRP is of great importance because it models most of the real world applications in vehicle routing. This paper reviews the two widely used modeling paradigms used to solve SVRP - the re-optimization(More)
The Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) is a well-known NP-hard problem exceedingly studied in the fields of operations research and computer science. In TSP, a salesman wants to visit each of a set of cities exactly once and return to the starting city with minimal distance travelled. The significance of the TSP is that it can be pertained on many practical(More)
The world wide web is expanding, everyday huge amount of data is added to the web. Finding relevant information in the web is becoming a difficult task. Web Mining is the process of analysing and mining the web to find useful information. By web mining we extract information that are implicitly present in the web. Web Mining is classified into Web Content(More)