Kenny Hanke

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This note presents a beam dynamics analysis of a possible muon cooling experiment based on 88 MHz cavities. The proposed set-up is a subsection of the cooling channel in the CERN reference scheme for a neutrino factory. We present two different set-ups using 8 and 4 cavities. For each of these set-ups we have carried out a beam dynamics study based on(More)
We report a detailed study on the IR spectroscopy of HCl-water complexes in superfluid helium nanodroplets in the frequency range from 2660 to 2675 cm(-1). We have recorded spectra of HCl-H2(16)O as well as of HCl-H2(18)O complexes and compared these results with theoretical predictions. In addition, we have carried out mass-selective intensity measurements(More)
A series of 1,3-bis(perfluoroaryl)-2-(hetero)aryl-1,3,2-benzodiazaboroles, 1,3-(F)Ar2-2-Ar-1,3,2-N2BC6H4 (Ar = Ph, (F)Ar = C6F5 5; Ar = Ph, (F)Ar = 4-C5F4N 6; Ar = Ph, (F)Ar = 4-NCC6F4 7; Ar = 2-C4H3S, (F)Ar = C6F5 8; Ar = 2-C4H3S, (F)Ar = 4-C5F4N 9; Ar = 2-C4H3S, (F)Ar = 4-NCC6F4 10), were synthesised by cyclocondensation of the adducts PhBBr2·PPh3 or(More)
Pyridine crystals show the unusual property of isotopic polymorphism. Experimentally it has been observed that deuterated pyridine crystals exist in two phases while pyridine does not show a phase transition. Therefore, although isotopic substitution is the smallest possible modification of a molecule it greatly affects the stability of pyridine crystals. A(More)
This study explores the interactions underlying the IR spectra of the ionic liquid [NC4111][NTf2] and its deuterated isotopomer [d9-NC4111][NTf2] by first isolating the spectra of charged ionic building blocks using mass-selective CIVP spectroscopy and then following the evolution of these bands upon sequential assembly of the ionic constituents. The(More)
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